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Actress-turned-director Elizabeth Gorcey and her daughter Olivia (aka 'Liv) created the award-winning Liv On Life (LOL) book series that has attracted a legion of young readers and their parents. Elizabeth's decision to write a children’s book series was inspired by Olivia who, at barely three-years-old, would give wisdom and advice to anyone who was listening. Her mother dubbed these “Liv-Isms” and each book in the LOL Series is based directly on these utterances. For Gorcey, the message is crystal clear…in a high-tech, fast-paced world kids are still the best teachers. By encouraging Liv to embrace and use her authentic voice, Elizabeth realized how much adults can, and must, learn from the purity and honesty of a child’s perspective. Elizabeth and Olivia have worked side-by-side on the book series and are now launching the Liv On Life Brand in conjunction with celebrity stylist Oliver Ifergan and his brand, Beauty with a Twist.

Mother & Daughter always saw the book series as an introduction to a lifestyle of change, hope, green living, and authenticity. The debut hair care line for kids--Bloom Shampoo, Bloom Conditioner, and Flower Power Detangler--is made in California with certified organic ingredients, is sulfate and paraben free, and involves no animal testing. A portion of the proceeds from sales is donated to Mercy For Animals to support Liv's personal philosophies on vegetarianism, treating everyone with love, and cherishing Planet Earth. The LOL goal is to become a lifestyle that encourages truth and purity in every aspect of our modern lives.

As Liv says…”Be True, Be Kind!”