Elizabeth Gorcey

Elizabeth Gorcey

Writer and creator of LOL

Director, producer and actor Elizabeth Gorcey has expanded her repertoire to book publishing with the LIV ON LIFE (”LOL”) children’s book series. The six-book series is written from the endearing perspective of Elizabeth’s daughter, Olivia, who shares her insights and observations on modern-day life. The message is clear… in a high tech and fast-paced world, kids are still the best teachers to remind adults of the simple joys in life.

After a successful career acting in such films as FOOTLOOSE, TEEN WOLF, and TV series such as HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN, BEAUTY & THE BEAST, and MAX HEADROOM, Elizabeth dove into work behind the camera. She is currently working on a documentary she directed and produced call HOW OLD IS OLD? with Tony Curtis, Doris Roberts, Judge Judy and Tony Bennett.

Elizabeth currently lives in LA with her family. When not making films or publishing books, she works diligently on her non-profit art program for terminally ill children called the CARING STROKES ART PROGRAM.


Kajiah Jacobs

Kajiah Jacobs

Book Illustrator

Children’s book illustrator and artist, Kajiah Jacobs, began the concept art and draawings for the LIV ON LIFE (LOL) book series in 2013.

In addition to illustrating art for children’s books, Kajiah also paints murals on the walls of Los Angeles museums.
Born and raised in Hollywood, California, Kajiah studied art at UCLA and the American Animation Institute in Burbank. He was inspired to draw and paint at a young age by his mother who was an artist and often used him and his sister as her art subjects.


Robin Mitchell Cranfield

Robin Mitchell Cranfield

Book Designer

Robin joined LIV ON LIFE (LOL) in 2013 as the book designer – designing the cover and book layouts. She is the founder & principal of hundreds & thousands, which specializes in fine book design, print and packaging. Robin’s book designs have appeared in Made Magazine, Junior Magazine and Inside Magazine, and have been featured in How Magazine’s “International Design Awards” issue. hundreds & thousands has been recognized twice by the American Institute of Graphic Arts for the “Best Book Designs” in 2005 and 2008 and by the Alcuin Awards for Excellence in Book Design in 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Robin has also produced, jointly with Judith Steedman, a series of children’s books (WINDY, SUNNY, SNOWY & CHINOOK AND FOGGY). The series is currently being produced as a digital series with Loud Crow Entertainment. She is also currently working on a new series of print books called THE AUGGIE BOOKS.

Robin lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband, Brady, and her son, Henry.



Olivia aka “Liv”

writer and creator of LOL

Olivia, aka Liv, is not only the inspiration of the Liv on Life Children’s Book Series, but she works alongside her mother, on every aspect of the series.  From the time she learned to talk, Liv has been offering her wisdom to adults and kids alike.  These kernels of truth—affectionately dubbed ‘Liv-isms’—inspired her mother to begin the book series “Liv On Life”.  Liv has penned the 4th book of the series titled, ‘Standing Tall’ by herself.

Olivia is a great friend to humans and animals alike, a savvy negotiator, an accomplished piano student, and an avid reader. Liv and the family dog, a boxer named Bowie, have been friends and partners-in-crime since the day she was brought home from the hospital.

Olivia’s curiosity, sense of humor, intelligence, and insistence that everyone be included are the hallmarks of a life philosophy that she was born with.   Encouraging kids and their parents to strive for adventure and joy is one of her life’s missions.

Liv’s personal philosophies on vegetarianism, treating everyone with love, kindness to all living things, and building positive energy around you, are striking a chord with kids and adults alike.

Liv comments: “Mom and I see the book series as an introduction to a lifestyle of change, hope, and healthy eating, all driven by the authenticity of a child’s perspective.”

Liv won the Gutsy Girls Educational Award and she was recognized at the 2016 Global Green as a “Global Green Champion” for her love of green living.

In addition, both Olivia and Elizabeth have begun speaking to students at various classrooms about reading and writing and how important it is to find your authentic voice.  Liv also had her own inspirational Blog in the printed magazine A.C.T.  And she has her own column since for over 5 years now in Story Monsters, Inc an online and printed magazine publication.

She was a member of the Children’s National Choir. Olivia works and studies with composer/UCLA Dean of Music, Ian Krouse, in composing, writing, singing, and recording her own songs.

Olivia is, without a doubt, a truly talented, and bright kid who can teach us all a valuable lesson with her effortless, yet wise insight on life.