Reviews On Liv on Life Series Books

Posted March 12, 2015

What are people saying about Liv on Life? Great things! Check out some of the wonderful reviews we’ve been getting below.


My Totally Random Life

“Yea. A children’s book reminded me that I need to step away from the computer (yikes!) and put down my cell phone, and to stop pinning on my Kindle, and to just enjoy the day. Especially with my kids.” Read the rest of the review My Totally Random Life here!


Mitchael Journey

“What I love about Liv’s story:
  • She is a fun-loving kid who enjoys life
  • Her story is very relatable in this age of technology and distractions!
  • Her character is inspired by the author’s own daughter!”

Read the rest of the review here!


Beyond the Brochure L.A. 

“Going To The Park captures moments in Liv’s life as she introduces the reader to her dog Bowie and her home life. The book is the first in a series. Stuck in traffic, Liv is thrilled because she and Bowie can look out the window. Her distracted mom isn’t so happy. Liv discovers a puppy in the car next to them, but her mom doesn’t even notice. Liv, naturally curious and creative, finds excitement in the little details that make up a quick trip to the store, the park and in her own home.”

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